Collaborate with Tikada is a rapidly growing platform that compares ticket prices for over 1250 day trips in various European countries and the US. Started in 2017 as a Dutch site, already more than 3 million people have found the best deal for their day out. Because we were already being referred to as the "Trivago of day trips" in some places, it was time for an international version of Tikata in early 2020. Despite the corona period, we continued to grow and broke all visitor records in 2022 and 2023.

In the news

Despite being live for only a few years, the Dutch version of Tikada has already received some nice media attention: in 2017, both from De Telegraaf and RTL Nieuws, as well as the Belgian site VTM-nieuws. Later, an article from Emerce followed. Also in 2018, our press release was well received.

EditieNL made a TV segment about our research. Besides RTL's attention, we were also very pleased with the 2 blogs on In 2019, we received a call from Radio 1, RTL Nieuws wrote a nice article, and we appeared on TV West to explain that the price increase (17% in 5 years according to CBS) was manageable. Since then, we release a price report every summer (see downloads). In 2020, the Affiliate Academy focused on Tikada and affiliate marketing. In 2021, BNN Vara Kassa picked up our article.

Target audience

The target audience of consists of: 70% women, 30% men. 60% of the visitors come from the Netherlands, and they mainly use their mobile phones (70%). Since 2022, international traffic has also been rapidly increasing. Especially visitors from Germany, Belgium, Spain, and France find us easily.


That's possible! With our team of freelancers, we keep our fans informed daily about the best deals and other interesting discount news via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our newsletter, and our own blog on the homepage of Tikada. Tikada offers opportunities for banners, advertorials, and promotions. In addition, our talented developers can build almost anything we want. Tikata is completely "custom-made," so we are not bound by technical limits that many blogs have. Check out the Tikada Fact Sheet for more information on the possibilities.

For our blogs, we use the super user-friendly software from Textmetrics. They ensure that our pages and blogs end up in the top 5 of Google search results. The designs of Tikada are created by the brilliant designer Rohit Brendan.

Do you want to know more about the idea behind Tikada or perhaps write a piece about our site? Then contact us via the contact form, and we will make time for you right away.


Since the beginning, we have been growing rapidly: visitor numbers and revenue have increased by more than 200% each year for the first 3 years. In 2020, there was, of course, a significant dip, but since 2021, we have been growing again. And especially internationally! We would like to continue growing in the coming years, but two things are needed: money & talent. At the moment, we are mainly looking for an investor who can help us with our plans to further grow nationally and internationally.


So if you are interested in collaborating with us or if you are just up for a good conversation (about discounts or something else), please contact us via or via the contact form.