How to get the biggest discount on PortAventura tickets in 2024

PortAventura is located in Spain, Tarragona and is the most popular theme park in the entire country. The park garners around 3.5 million visitors annually and is in the top ten visited theme parks in Europe. This is no surprise as the park has 43 wild rides with shows that cater to the season and festivities of the year.

It is not open all year round, however, and the days where the park is closed changes depending on the year which can be a little confusing.

How Much Do Tickets Cost at the Door?

Though we recommend that you get your tickets online beforehand, you can still get tickets at the gate when the park is open. Prices range from 50-60€ for adults and around 40-50€ for children and seniors. This is valid for children between the ages of 4-10 years old and seniors who are 60 and older.

The prices mentioned are valid for a single day ticket, but you can also get tickets valid for two, three (or more) days at the gate. The prices for a two-day ticket are typically around 75€ for adults and 65€ for children and seniors (and gives you access to two theme parks - PortAventura and either FerrariLand or the Caribe Aquatic Park that you can access over the two days). Three-day prices are around 95€ for adults and 85€ for children and seniors, and gives you access to all three theme parks. As a general rule, if you order your tickets from the official PortAventura website, your tickets will be 5-10€ cheaper than if you buy them at the gate.

You’ll have to keep an eye out on as sometimes they have deals where tickets for PortAventura are cheaper than usual. These deals come and go, however, so you may need to try your luck. Often, if you have never used the website before you will be given an extra discount for your first order. This will be evident when you first go onto the website, and if possible, you will be able to get an extra discount code this way.

The next website we recommend when it comes to finding deals for PortAventura is Again, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for deals and discounts but occasionally you may be able to find tickets that are slightly cheaper than the regular ticket price.

Discounts on Hotels and Accommodation

Often, some promotions include staying at hotels during your stay. These can be cheaper when you get your tickets in a bundle with one of the hotels that are associated with the theme park. You can find such bundles on the PortAventura website itself or for deals. Opting for a hotel that is linked with the park allows you to get perks such as discounts on other theme parks such as Ferrari Land and the Caribe Aquatic Park, free parking, free Wi-Fii, unlimited access to PortAventura during your stay and more.

A Final Note

Please keep in mind that the deals and websites that we have recommended in this article are subject to change. Deals and prices of tickets and accommodation typically change daily and this means that you may need to keep your eye out for deals to find the cheapest option. The best way to get the cheapest tickets is by taking a look at our PortAventura page. It shows all deals, including the 10% discount you often get at