Pairi Daiza

Domaine de Cambron, 7940 Brugelette

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About Pairi Daiza

Come and explore the captivating world of Pairi Daiza! Home to over 5,000 animals and 8,000 plant species, this enchanting zoo and botanical garden offers a truly immersive experience. Immerse yourself in the lush habitats, encounter majestic creatures, and discover the wonders of nature. Treat yourself to a memorable day filled with adventure, education, and awe-inspiring beauty. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the natural world.

Pairi Daiza is a zoo and botanical garden in Brugelette, Belgium. The park has more than 7,000 animals and 500 animal species, as well as various botanical gardens and attractions. Below you will find some of the activities and attractions that you can experience in Pairi Daiza:

Discovering worlds: Pairi Daiza is divided into different worlds, each withing a different theme and animals, including China, Africa, America, Europe and more.

View animals: There are more than 7,000 animals in the park, including pandas, elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes and much more. Discovering nature: The park has various botanical gardens, including a Japanese garden, an orchid garden, a butterfly garden and a bamboo forest.

Adventure attractions: Pairi Daiza has various attractions for the adventurous visitors, including a tree crown walk, a flying railroad, and a boat trip through the "Valley of the Fire Birds".

Children's attractions: There are also various attractions for children, including a children's farm, a playground and a train ride through the park.

Shows and demonstrations: There are various shows and demonstrations in the park, including birds of prey and sea legs demonstrations.

Spending the night in the park: Pairi Daiza also offers the possibility to spend the night in the park, in accommodations such as tree houses, Mongolian Yurts, and Suites located in the animal enclosures. In short, Pairi Daiza offers extensive experience for visitors, with many opportunities to learn, discover and relax.

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This venue scores 4.00 stars based on 0 reviews. Let us know what you think of this venue and select the stars for your review score.

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Domaine de Cambron, 7940 Brugelette